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Black Friday weekend is now here and the biggest Samsung smartwatch savings are thankfully still live.

Already we’ve seen some big savings on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch, making now a great time to pick up a Samsung smartwatch.

We’ve rounded up all of the best deals that are still going below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Black Friday deals

So far, we’ve seen Amazon drop the price to on the 40mm to $229.99 as well as a price drop on the 44mm to $249.99. These are are some of the hottest deals you’re going to see this holiday season.

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm - Save $50.99

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm – Save $50.99

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm - Save $50.99

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm – Save $50.99

After these Amazon deals got released, we saw Best Buy price match this with a doorbuster deal of their own that’s just as good as Amazon’s price.

Samsung has released its Black Friday deals dropping the price on the Active2 40mm to $229.99 and also offering a deal on the 44mm which shoppers will be able to score for just $249.99.

It’s not just the big retailers offering deals, Dell also released their deal getting the Active2 down to $229.99 and BH Photo Video released a deal of their own where you can score it for $229.99.

If you’re in the UK, you can also save £30 on the lager 44mm model as part of its Early Black Friday deals.

Amazon UK: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm - Save £30

Amazon UK: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm – Save £30

There are also discounts on the (only slightly) older Galaxy Watch Active, which has never been cheaper.

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm - Save $30

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm – Save $30

This deal has also been replicated by Amazon UK, saving you £30 on the Galaxy Watch Active.

Amazon UK: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm - Save £30

Amazon UK: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm – Save £30

Samsung also likes to bundle its wearables with other devices like its smartphones, so chances are the Galaxy Watch Active 2 could be a tasty freebie with a Samsung smartphone.

Samsung might also throw in its Galaxy Buds truly wireless earphones as these would pair up nicely with the onboard music storage in many of its smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Black Friday deals

Samsung smartwatch Black Friday 2019: All the best live deals

Amazon has launched its Black Friday price for the Samsung Galaxy Watch in both its 42mm and larger 46mm variants.

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm - Save $40

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm – Save $40

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm - Save $26

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm – Save $26

If you’re in the UK, Argos currently has a great deal on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, saving you £100. This brings it down to a record low price of just £179.99.

Argos: Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm - Save £100

Argos: Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm – Save £100

Samsung smartwatch Black Friday deals predictions

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro fitness tracker dropped to $149.99 (-$50) last year, but as we’ve been monitoring its price closely all year, we expect this fitness tracker to likely drop to around $100 or less. That’s because we’ve already seen it sold for as low as $120 at certain times. For the money, that’s an absolute bargain so fingers crossed.

Finally, the older Samsung Gear S3 is still commonly on sale but it’s beginning to show its age against the newer Galaxy Watch range. These were on sale for around $279 last year, but expect for a much lower price this year. We’ve already seen it on sale for as low as $199.99, so a blockbuster price could be incoming.

Where will you find Samsung smartwatch deals?

Spotted: Secret $259 Samsung Galaxy Watch deal will disappear any minute

Samsung’s big range of wearables are sold across all the big retailers both sides of the pond. In the US expect to see big discounts from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Target. While in the UK, Amazon will again be up there alongside Argos, John Lewis and Currys PC World.

So far in the US, Amazon is leading the pack. Right now you can save $128 on the Samsung Galaxy Active which is only a little bit more than Best Buy’s doorbuster deal that’ll have them down to $149.99 on Black Friday.

If you’re after the Active2 Amazon and Best Buy have just dropped the price to the Black Friday deal where you can score one down to $229.99.

It’s not just Best Buy and Amazon offering Galaxy doorbuster deals. We also learned today Microsoft’s official store will get in on the price drops.

They’re offering up to $80 off Samsung Galaxy watches during their Black Friday sale and Target announced an $80 off deal as well on the Galaxy 42m Smartwatch.

There will be other retailers with discounts, but these well-known stores can be trusted with your money. Be wary of retailers you don’t recognise – it’s always worth doing a search and checking reviews to make sure the retailer is reputable.

Also be wary of purchasing grey imports from Hong Kong or China. While the often cheaper prices might be tempting, you should proceed with some caution.

‘Grey imports’ are products exported and sold outside of their intended territory. That can mean the warranty isn’t valid, so if you run into any problems after purchase you might be out of luck. You might also not get the same accessories that you would if buying locally, so you might need a plug adaptor.

Finally, delivery times can be excruciatingly long so that’s not good for the impatient. You might then get hit with customs charges on delivery to rub salt in the wound, too. So that’s why we’ll be sticking with the well-known retailers we trust.

All that’s left is to wait for Black Friday season to start to see the Samsung discounts come rolling in. If you’re after other wearable discounts this Black Friday, be sure to check out some of our other roundups.

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