First Post! October 11, 2019


Hey Shacknews! First Post! is back for the third straight day. This article used to be how we kicked off the day on the Shacknews Chatty comments section before we switched to rolling 18 hour expiration on threads, but now it is a nice place for our community to kick off the day.

This math teacher’s got bars

This teacher is great, and it is a fun way to learn the decimal system.

Super Typhoon Hagibis is set to hit Japan

You know what is worse than a typhoon? A fricking super typhoon. The forecast calls for a ton of rain.

Super Typhoon Hagibis is predicted to bring a lot of rainfall.

China trade talks continue today

The President broadcast a rally on Twitch last night. (Image courtesy of Rod Breslau)
The President broadcast a rally on Twitch last night. (Image courtesy of Rod Breslau)

President Trump made positive comments about the ongoing China trade negotiations after the stock market closed. Things are going “very well,” according to the President. He would never lie, right? I am sure the Shackers posting to our daily Trump Dump thread will be talking about the trade talks today. (Turn on political filters to see that massive thread) Oh yeah, Trump has a Twitch channel…

This kid in Gears 5 is great

“Mom, Mom, come look! It’s the fascists!” This was a pretty outstanding moment from last night’s Late Night Army Gears 5 live stream. “Is being a fascist bad?” LOL.

Elizabeth Warren is bae

When asked about marriage being between a man and a woman, Senator Warren had a great sound bite. “Just marry one woman, I’m cool with that. Assuming you can find one.” 

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Lola is the best.
Lola is the best.

She needs a bath, but I still love her. See you later for Evening Reading!

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