First Post! October 9, 2019


Hey Shacknews! The First Post! feature is back, and this is my first time running it. This article was designed to kick off conversation on our Shacknews Chatty forum back when we did not have a rolling 18 hour expiry on threads, but I have decided to bring it back after requests from the community. This article will go live everyday, around 10:00 AM ET. 

How goes your Blizzard boycott? Some players from American University held up a “Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizzard” sign during a collegiate Hearthstone broadcast. Please take a look.

Sounds like Facebook really learned a lot from 2016. The company rejected a request from Joe Biden’s campaign to remove Trump ads containing false information. I wonder what the Shackers in the daily Trump Dump thread think of that? (Turn on political filters to see that massive thread)

Californians are bracing for potential power outages in the bay area as PG&E tries to prevent forest fires or something. Be safe NorCal Shack!

In case you missed it, we have several reviews that hit the site over the last few days:

What are you up to today, Shack? Let us know in the comments section. Here’s a picture of Lola to start off your day.

Lola is the best.

Am I doing this right? 

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