5 new apps that are absolutely worth downloading this week


Like every Saturday, we present you with some new applications we discovered this week. They have appeared on the Play Store in recent days and would like to introduce them to you, hoping that you will find something you like.

AntVentor: Free Demo

AntVentor is the first chapter of the AntRilogy, the series about an ant and its adventures in a macroscopic and realistic world. In addition to excellent graphics, this point and click game offers an entertaining story and a brilliant use of humor. Unfortunately, the only (big) flaw is that the game is a demo. To enjoy the entire game, you will have to upgrade to the premium version and pay a couple of bucks. But when you love something, you don’t count pennies, do you?

You can download this game from the Play Store by following this link.

Volume Control Panel Pro

Volume Control Panel Pro is a new application that allows you to replace the system volume controls on your smartphone. The app replaces the volume panel on your system and can also help troubleshoot users who have problems with their volume buttons. Volume Panel Pro offers a simple design and many customization options. The Pro version is not free, but a free version without ads is also available.

The Pro version is not free but a free version (with ads) is also available / © Google

You can download this app on the Play Store by following this link.


Automaton is the perfect game for anyone who wants to learn how to program while having fun. Free of charge, the game allows you to understand the basic elements of programming, including the Unity engine and the C language. In concrete terms, you are a small humanoid robot working in a factory that requires your help to accomplish its tasks. You must, therefore, write code elements to help it move around. All this in a retro atmosphere. Fun and enriching, what more could you ask for!

You can download this game from the Play Store by following this link.

Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10

Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10 allows you to automatically change the dark theme of Android 10 according to the time of your choice, a feature that is currently unavailable natively on Google’s system, but it is impossible to set this change according to the sunrise/set time. The application is obviously only compatible for devices with the latest Google update and requires a computer and an ADB connection.

automatic dark theme android 10
The app fills a gap on Android 10 / © Google

You can download this application from the Play Store by following this link.

Hand Guillotine

The guillotine is an integral part of French culture. This time, however, there is no need to kill or injure a person to use it. This little game called Hand Guillotine is based on your speed of reaction to take the money under the guillotine and have time to remove your hand. Fun, addictive and free, Hand Guillotine is part of this category of simple but effective games to spend your time in the subway or in doctors’ waiting rooms.

androidpit hand guillotine
Will you be fast enough? / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You can download this app on the Play Store by following this link.

Do you know of any other good applications released in the last few days?

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