DJI blames Trump tariffs for price increases (but you can get around them)


DJI drone prices just saw a huge increase, and the Chinese drone manufacturer is blaming it on recent tariffs. DJI’s shop saw significant changes this month, including the removal of some items and big price increases, as first reported by Drone DJ.

“Due to the recent increase in tariffs, DJI has updated pricing for its products in the United States. We take many factors into account when recommending retail prices in different countries around the world, including tariff applications, tax rates and currency exchange fluctuations,” according to a statement from DJI. “We follow all applicable laws and regulations in the countries where we operate and will continue to work toward making drone and handheld products more accessible to the world while supporting the many existing customers that use DJI technology daily.”

Here are some of the most significant changes (prices as of publication date):

The Trump administration recently imposed a 15% tariff on consumer goods, including clothing, lawn mowers, sewing machines, food and jewelry. China retaliated by increasing tariffs on $75 billion worth of American products, according to The New York Times.

Days after the tariffs went into effect, a report came out that American manufacturing activity fell for the first time since 2016, indicating that shrinking export orders as a result of the trade dispute, as well as the challenge of moving supply chains out of China to avoid the tariffs, was the cause, the New York Times report indicated. Experts suggest manufacturing struggles will continue to increase in the midst of the trade fight.

One J.P. Morgan study found that Trump’s tariffs could cost the average U.S. household $1,000 a year, and these drone price increases are just one example of that.

Some U.S. retailers are eating the cost of the tariffs so as not to increase the price of goods for consumers, including Target and Apple. But DJI customers aren’t so fortunate.

And it’s not just the DJI store that has been impacted. DJI prices on New York-based photo store B&H Photo are also showing the new, post-tariff pricing.

Luckily, there are still ways U.S. customers can snatch up DJI drones without the increased prices on the DJI store. For starters, you could always head to other countries like Canada or Europe to buy your DJI stuff.

But if an international trip isn’t in the cards, you may still be able to buy one from your couch while still avoiding the Trump tariffs.

Amazon is currently showing the Mavic Air for just $739, even cheaper than what it was going for on DJI’s site.

It’s unclear how long the prices on other retailers like Amazon will remain this low, so it may be a good idea to snatch up the Mavic Air now, before the tariff-induced pricing hits Amazon too. In fact, some prices are already rising on Amazon. For example, the Mavic 2 Zoom is already up to $1,439 from $1,299 on Amazon.

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