With this contact lens you can zoom in with a wink


If until yesterday it was considered only science fiction, today it is a reality: scientists have invented the first contact lens that magnifies your vision when you blink twice.

Scientists at the University of California in San Diego have just made something incredible a reality: during the day yesterday they announced that they had made a contact lens with particular capabilities controllable by eye movements. In practice, it will make it possible to zoom in on the area you are looking at when the wearer blinks twice consecutively.

In simpler terms, scientists have measured the signals emitted by the eye in an electrooculogram, data that is generated when performing specific movements (up, down, left, right, blink, double blink) and have created a soft biomimetic lens that responds directly to this type of electrical impulses. The result of the research is, therefore, a contact lens that allows you to change its focal length based on the signals generated.

This is the technology and how it works. / © California University

Incredibly, the target works regardless of whether the user is able to see or not. The impulses do not come from sight, but from electricity produced by specific movements.

But why create such a lens? Researchers believe that this innovation could be used in several fields, including eyeglasses, but also in robotics. However, I am quite sure that such a technology will soon end up in the hands of some military platoon. In any case, the invention of these scientists is incredible!

Would you like to try a contact lens like this?

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