The Cartridge Family 071 – Weekend Edition: Asif’s Encore, Nintendo Switch Lite, Mario Maker 2


Congratulations to you in your discovery of this, the first Weekend Edition of our beloved podcast. What does Weekend Edition mean, exactly? Well, it means we were unprepared, missing a member of our regular crew, and clumsily scraping together a show so as to not miss a publishing week, entirely. That said, we do have a fun, albeit brief, episode for you chronicling the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite as well as even more Super Mario Maker 2 chat. Finally, the gang gangs up on Joe, as is customary by now, for not having played some of gaming’s finest and most classic gems before we wrap things up with a Asif’s guest-spot beatdown. As always, thanks for listening and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Today’s Topics

  • Game Releases

    • Dragon Quest: Builders 2

    • The Sims 4: Island Living DLC (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) – July 16

  • Stories

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