Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, not Watch Active 2 incoming


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Hitting the headlines this week, a report that suggests Apple has cancelled its AR glasses project, while Mobvoi unleashed a Ticwatch Pro with LTE. We got more details about Samsung’s next smartwatch, Apple disabled its Walkie Talkie app due to eavesdropping fears and Google shut down its Nest smartwatch app for a very good reason.

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Read on for a few lighter stories for you to tuck into if you need that extra hit of wearable goodness.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, not Active 2 incoming

Will Samsung launch a Galaxy Watch 2 or an Active 2? All the evidence pouring out right now says it’s the latter. But a supposed leaked timeline of product launches suggests it will actually be the former.

It name checks the Galaxy Watch in 40mm and 44mm models landing in 2019 in Q3, which would suggest a launch in the coming months. It would also make a lot more sense based on the fact Samsung announced the first Galaxy Watch almost a year ago while the Watch Active only launched in February this year.

Maybe Samsung will surprise us and we’ll get a Watch 2 and a Watch Active 2. If this timeline is genuine, then it looks like something new is coming and we’re intrigued to find out just what that will be.

Catch up on what we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 and the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

IBM’s bizarre folding smartwatch

And finally: Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, not Watch Active 2 incoming

Tech giant IBM had smartwatches on the mind in 2016 because that’s when it filed a patent for a connected timepiece that features eight (yes, eight) unfolding displays.

The patent has only just come to light as it has now been published in the USPTO. The folks at Let’s Go Digital decided to take those patents and create the renders above to give us an idea of just what IBM was thinking.

It seems IBM dreamt of a wearable device that could host folding display technology that could expand to offer a 8 x 12-inch sized display. While the renders suggest a very bezel light display, hosting those multiple displays would no doubt add significant bulk to the device .

The patent doesn’t delve into how this folding tech would work exactly, but it’s interesting nonetheless that IBM was thinking about something that could go from smartwatch to tablet form only a few years ago.

Make your own watch faces on Samsung Galaxy Watch

And finally: Fossil Sport 2 could be on the way in 2019

We’re back to Samsung and the news that it’s now a lot easier to make your own watch faces. That’s thanks to the arrival of the Pujie Black app in the Galaxy Store.

Previously only available for Wear OS smartwatches, there’s now a Tizen-friendly version that allows you to create your own watch designs and customise almost all of the elements if you don’t fancy Samsung’s preinstalled options or anything knocking about in Samsung’s app store.

You’ll need to to download the Pujie Black app first to your Android phone, which costs £1.69. Next, you need to download the free version on the Galaxy Store. Then you’ll be able to get creating and send them over to your Galaxy Watch or Watch Active.

Check out our favorite Samsung Galaxy Watch faces we think you will like.

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