Google’s Messages app now offers Snapchat-style photo filters


The Messages app is, as its name suggests, Google’s text messaging application. Less well-known than some of the leading messaging applications, it is trying to get a new look to win the hearts of the public. And it all starts with a new photo feature, which is reminiscent of Messenger, Snapchat or Instagram’s photo filters that have been around for quite some time!

On June 27, XDA Developers’ Maxwell Weinbach tested the latest Google Messages feature on his YouTube channel. We can now take pictures of ourselves with colorful and animated filters, like Snapchat and Instagram have been offering for years.

We can see pretty animated filters appear to put you in interesting scenes, such as, for example, at the window of an airplane, surrounded by balloons, in the middle of fireworks of all colors, surrounded by confetti, or have the halo of an angel.

The application works not only with the RCS protocol but also with MMS. This progress, however slight, shows that Google is making efforts and is trying to improve its messaging app as best it can. Let’s not forget either that the Mountain View firm is about to launch its iMessage equivalent. In short, we can’t wait to see the result!

What do you think of the new filters in Google’s app?

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