5 new apps that are absolutely worth a try this week


Like every weekend, we offer you our selection of the best new applications of the week. The following applications have arrived on the Play Store in recent days and have convinced users, the community and the AndroidPIT team.

Firefox Preview

Mozilla has decided to completely redesign its web browser on Android. Before launching its final version, the foundation offers a beta version of its browser called Firefox Preview, which, like Firefox Focus, includes the new GeckoView rendering engine and enhanced tracking protection. The browser also offers many options for the user, such as a dark mode depending on the time of day.

Mozilla reinvents Firefox for Android, with anti-tracking by default. AndroidPIT

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

After several weeks of waiting, the game is officially available worldwide. Signed by the creators of Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite combines augmented reality and the world of wizards. Fans of Pokémon Go but also of the J. K. Rowling universe will obviously enjoy the game. The graphics are great and the interactive graphics bring a little more to the table than the usual mobile title. The gameplay is also nice, in the same spirit as the other Niantic games but with the distinctive Harry Potter style. Of course, the game requires a lot of power and people living in the countryside will feel a little frustrated because there is less content in their area.

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Royal Flappy

Are you nostalgic for Flappy Bird? Do you like Fortnite? Then you’ll love Flappy Royale! This Battle Royale game features the addictive gameplay and 8-bit retro universe of Flappy Bird. As in the original game, you must fly your favorite bird and avoid the famous Mario-style pipes. However, your goal is not to survive as long as possible but to survive longer than the other 99 players, all of whom you can see scrolling by your side in real time. The game is only available in beta for the moment but I can only encourage you to try it out.

flappy royale android
Flappy Bird in Battle Royale version. AndroidPIT

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If you don’t like the look and interface of your Android smartphone, MIUI-ify may be the right application for you. Developed by an active member of XDA Developers TomBayley1, it offers a look similar to MIUI, the interface developed by Xiaomi for its smartphones. In particular, you can benefit from a notification and configuration panel inspired by MIUI 10 to quickly access WiFi, Bluetooth, Flash settings… An opportunity to give your mobile a new look!

miuy tiles
MIUI-ify is a great way to “modernize” your smartphone. AndroidPIT

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We end our selection of the week with this excellent game that deals with memory and consciousness. This puzzle memory game has been out for some months but it is worth drawing attention to again. Each level has a two-part puzzle with a visual image of memory and text, and G30 has a pleasant rhythm with relaxing music. Awarded several times (“Most Innovative Game” at Casual Connect USA and Casual Connect Kiev, “Best Mobile Game” at CEEGA Awards, “Excellence in Game Design” at DevGAMM,”Best Mobile Game” and “Critics’ Choice” at GTP Indie Cup, “GDC Special Award” and “Amazon Special Award” at Get IT Conference), G30 offers a refreshing experience.

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