This half price Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone charger is an Apple fan’s dream


If you’re fully embedded in the Apple ecosystem, this handy 3-in-1 charger on discount could be the answer to your charging woes. It’s currently on an introductory offer on Amazon, meaning you can grab one for half the usual price.

Incredibly, this portable charger can top up your AirPods, Apple Watch and even your iPhone battery (via a Lightning cable). That means you only need to carry one convenient charger to make sure you have enough charge to get through the day. We’ve not seen a portable charger like this one before and it’s perfect for anyone constantly on the road.

The portable battery has a 5,200mAh capacity, which should be enough to top your AirPods and Apple Watch up a few times and just over once for an iPhone XS. Of course your mileage will vary based on how many devices you’re trying to charge at any one time.

Free: Amazon Prime 30-day trial

This portable charger from CJ Brands charges your Apple Watch wirelessly, just like the original cabled charger. So just attach your Apple Watch magnetically and you’re off.

Amazon: CJ Brands 3-in-1 portable charger - Save $40

According to the CJ Brands website, this offer is only on for another three days, so snap one up for half the price before it’s too late. You’ve got a choice of either platinum or ruby red finishes, too. If you’re after an Apple Watch, be sure to check out our Apple Watch deals page.

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