Poll: What would you want to see in Huawei’s upcoming OS?


Huawei is stuck in the middle of a trade war between the US and China, and to fight back against being shunned by Google, it is developing its own mobile operating system. What would you want to see in Huawei’s upcoming rival to Android?

Donald Trump recently declared a national emergency to protect US computer networks from “foreign adversaries”. The executive order targeting Huawei has the potential to wreak havoc on the Chinese firm’s smartphone business, especially since Google has stopped all hardware and software trade relations with the company. As a consequence of this, the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer will no longer get Android updates. Though the parts of Android which are under open source licenses are excluded from this, Huawei smartphones sold outside of China will no longer have access to services like the Play Store and to Google apps.

The latest from Reuters says that Huawei is in talks with Google to clarify what options are available moving forward. But, Huawei’s back up plan, its own mobile OS, is already under development anyway. Huawei has confirmed that an operating system could be available in China as early as this year. There are conflicting rumors and leaks about when it will be ready, but The Information says that “Project Z” is already underway, and while it is primarily intended for the Chinese market, where an ecosystem including wearables and IoT devices would be possible, it isn’t clear if it could be set up to work in other markets.

emui 9 huawei
Huawei’s EMUI 9 Android UI reminds me of iOS. / © AndroidPIT

Since we don’t know anything about the OS yet, in this week’s poll, we want to find out what you would want from a Android alternative made by Huawei. Perhaps Huawei’s OS could take on the iOS-like design of the EMUI Android skin we’re already familiar with from Huawei and Honor phones, or its features like the camera AI, app twinning, GPU Turbo technology, or file safe. Without access to the Play Store, having a sufficient number of compatible apps could be a big issue in the early days. On the other hand, one report claims that developers could recompile their Android apps for the system and they would run 60 times faster. And, maybe OS version updates would be quicker than with Android since there wouldn’t be another company in the middle.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and tell us which aspects you care about most in the poll below.

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