Amazon offers Apple Watch Series 3 deal for Memorial Day


Welcome to And finally, the last word of the week in the world of wearable technology news. This week has been a busy one over at Wareable, with news of an Alexa powered wearable that can track your moods, and more leaked renders of the Mi Band 4 – which is still edging towards a release date.

But there’s been plenty more going on this week – and with Apple Watch deals and Facebook AR patent, read on for a quick-fire round up of the smaller stories you may have missed.

Amazon slashes Apple Watch prices

It’s the Memorial Day sale over at Amazon this weekend, and there’s some tasty wearable tech deals to be had. But none are as tempting as the $199 Apple Watch Series 3, which represents one of the cheapest ways to jump on board with Apple’s award winning smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 3 – $199 – save $80

And the deal is also the same over at Walmart, in case you miss out.

Apple Watch Series 3 - $199 - save $80 (Walmart)
Amazon: Fitbit Inspire - Save £20

Amazon: Garmin Approach X10

Facebook AR patent lands

And finally: Amazon offers Apple Watch Series 3 deal for Memorial Day

Facebook has plenty of skin in the AR game ­– it’s the owner of Oculus after all – but a new patent has emerged over what could appear in its AR headset – reports Mashable. The tech may be some way off, but the hot-off-the-press patent “cartilage conduction audio system for eyewear devices.”

That appears to suggest a bone conduction style technique which “includes a transducer coupled to a back of the ear of the user.” The images show the ear piece wrapping around the back of the ear, and like standard bone conduction, would enable the user to still hear the world around them, while still getting audio from the device itself.

There’s no ETA on any AR glasses – much like Apple’s long rumoured AR entry. It seems that right now the technology doesn’t quite marry up with use cases for AR, which seem to make more sense in the business world than the consumer one right now.

Apple to offer Series 4 replacements

And finally: Amazon offers Apple Watch Series 3 deal for Memorial Day

We know that the Apple Watch is selling well – and it seems that Apple no longer has the stock of the older Apple Watch 3 to replace models still under warranty. However, it’s not all bad news reports 9to5Mac, which has seen internal documents that show that Apple will offer Series 4 Apple Watches instead.

Apple Watch ECG Canada

And finally: Amazon offers Apple Watch Series 3 deal for Memorial Day

In our last piece of Apple Watch news of the week, it seems Canadians won’t have to wait much longer to get the ECG feature. Apple’s advanced heart rate analysis technology has rolled out in the US and across much of Europe – but North America’s friendliest citizens have been left waiting.

However, after Health Canada green lighted the technology back on 16 May – and now Engadget reports that Apple (uncharacteristically) has vowed to roll out the tech to ECH hungry Canucks “as quickly as possible.”

Check out our guide to the Apple Watch ECG feature – and don’t forget to check out our complete Apple Watch guide.

Felcana teams up for cat café monitoring

Finally, time for something a little different. Wearable pet tech company Felcana has teamed up with legendary London cat café Lady Dinah’s Pet Emporium for a study of feline health.

It will track calorie expenditure, rest and activity patterns of indoor, rescue cats at Lady Dinah’s, and build up data around the health of the cats – which it says will allow them to better monitor and offer insights into pet health in the future.

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