Garmin Approach X10 sinks to lowest price


If you’re looking to take your golf game to the next level, this discount on the Garmin Approach X10 looks like a hole-in-one. Amazon has just wiped $40 off its usual price, bringing it down to only $129.99 – its lowest-ever price.

We were big fans of the Approach X10, awarding it 4/5 in our review. This is a wearable designed purely for golf, so does away with extras like fitness tracking, but delivers everything you might need to its slender screen.

That means you get distances to front, middle and back of the green, as well as information on hazards and doglegs. Additionally, there is on-device scoring and shot measuring.

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Thankfully, the GPS tracking is also stellar: “Distances were accurate and the response was nice and quick when walking down the fairway. It was also quick to lock onto satellites, so there’s no faffing on the first tee.”

Amazon: Garmin Approach X10

As our Garmin Approach X10 review states; “It’s a very simple golf experience, which offers enough to justify a single purchase for golf, while not breaking the bank.” That’s even more the case with this 24% discount bringing it down to its lowest price yet.

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