You will soon be able to automatically delete some Google tracking


Google’s business model involves the use of private data, so it was not surprising that users could only delete this data collection manually. This will change: Google now offers to automatically delete data from activity and position history.

This is a feature that Google plans to offer “in the coming weeks”. You will be able to choose when your data should be deleted: after 3 months or after 18 months. The procedure will be automatic, you will have to validate it once and then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Google follows you on your travels. / © AndroidPIT

It will not replace the manual deletion that already exists, the latter will remain available, but it will not only allow you to delete the data automatically but will also save you from having to go to two places (location history and Web & App activity) to be able to delete your location data.

Perhaps Google is trying to make up for its alleged communication error when it said that navigation data could easily be deleted, but when it was deleted from the menu it kept tracking users, who had to go to yet another menu to finalize it all.

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