Garmin Forerunner 945 sports watch leaks online


Welcome to And finally, another episode of our weekly round-up of wearable tech rumour, conjecture and the smaller stories of the week. This week we have whispers of a new Garmin sports watch that could be incoming, the surprise continued success of the PS VR and news on the next version of Michael Kors’ hit smartwatch.

Garmin Forerunner 945 leaks

A week after the Forerunner 245 was spotted over at the FCC, another of Garmin’s forthcoming sports watches appears to have leaked. This time it’s the Forerunner 945, the long awaited update to the 935 multi-sports watch. The leak has appeared on Garmin’s German site, where a picture was displayed of the watch – and promptly removed, with one Twitter user grabbing a snap of the broken link.

We’ve got very little clue of what the Foreunner 945 will bring, but as we’ve seen across Garmin’s line-up, the company tends to trickle features down its line-up. That means we’d expect to see Garmin Pay, Spotify and music features, and possibly advanced heart rate metrics such as advanced stress tracking. The Forerunner 935 was released back in 2017, so it’s long overdue an upgrade.

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Michael Kors Sofie Heart Rate to land 25 April

Michael Kors will launch the update to its Access Sofie smartwatch this month, with a date set for 25 April for the female focused display smartwatch.

The smartwatch was touted as the Sofie 2.0 back at CES, but Fossil confirmed the name change – to the Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate – at Baselworld. The name offers a pretty clear indication of the new features – as the all new Sofie falls in like with the rest of the Fossil Group smartwatch stable.

Sony sells 4.2 million PSVRs

While the heat seems to have gone out of the VR would in the past couple of years, it seems the PlayStation VR has been quietly building a pretty sizeable user base, reports Engadget.

This week the company announced it had sailed past the 4 million mark – with sales of 4.2 million worldwide since launch. That’s a pretty sizeable user base – and while it doesn’t tell us anything about retention and engagement – it shows there’s still an appetite out there. Don’t forget to check out our list of the best PlayStation VR games for a list of what’s new and coming.

New Apple Watch study launches

The University of Michigan and Apple have teamed up for a three year medical study, which aims to look at the relationship between biosensors on wearable devices, health information and data, and eventual health outcomes. The study has already enrolled 1,000 volunteers, who will complete surveys while wearing an Apple Watch and a blood pressure monitor.

“This study is a unique opportunity to work with patients to gain insight into their daily and overall health status, providing a wealth of data that can be used for research that benefits everyone and advances health care,” said Marshall S. Runge, MD, PhD, executive vice president for medical affairs and dean of the U-M Medical School.

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