How to use your Fitbit with Alexa and Amazon Echo speakers


There’s an Alexa skill for almost everything now, but Fitbit was among the first companies to spot the potential of integrating its fitness trackers with the voice-controlled personal assistant built into Amazon Echo speakers.

Since then, the range of Fitbit trackers available has grown to include smartwatches, and Alexa is pretty much everywhere. Still, the simple method of pairing any Fitbit device with Alexa remains the same.

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Once the Alexa skill has been enabled, Fitbit owners will be able to use “Alexa…” commands to summon a vocal readout of their synced data from their tracker like steps taken, distance covered, calories burned without consulting the device or the app.

How to pair Fitbit and Alexa

Installing and enabling the Fitbit Alexa skill is really quite simple and the method is the same, whether you’re using a Fitbit Versa smartwatch or a Fitbit Inspire HR tracker. That’s because Alexa interacts with the Fitbit app on your phone, not with your tracker itself.

  • First you’ll need to download the Alexa application for your iPhone or Android smartphone, or head to in a web browser. Log in using the Amazon account associated with your Alexa-enabled device. It could be an Amazon Echo speaker, Fire TV, or one of the many third-party gadgets like the Sonos One that have Alexa built in.
  • Browse to the Skills & Games section of the Alexa application (Skills on the web) and type Fitbit into the search bar.
  • Tap or click on Fitbit and select the option to ‘Enable Skill’.
  • You will then be prompted to insert your Fitbit account details; the same email address and password you use to log into the Fitbit app.
  • Finally, you must give Fitbit the permission to access your Fitbit app data and profile. After that, you’re all set.

What Fitbit data is synced to Alexa?

How to use your Fitbit with Amazon Echo speakers and Alexa

Once your account is aligned with Alexa, the assistant will be able to read various elements of data from your Fitbit account and relay it back to you. It might be steps, distance covered, your last logged weight, your resting heart rate, any water consumption you’ve logged, that day, or the remaining battery life on your device.

This information comes directly from the app rather than directly from the device itself, which means, you will only hear information that has already been synced. So, if you go out for a run and immediately ask Alexa how many steps you’ve taken when you come through the door, the app may still be catching up and you won’t hear the latest.

What Fitbit data can Alexa provide?

There are a wide-range of commands you can issue to Alexa, in order to receive informative responses. Alexa enables you to ask for present or past information and, if there’s more than one Fitbit user in your home, you can also switch profiles.

It all starts by using the voice command: Alexa, ask Fitbit…Here’s some of the commands that can follow:

  • How I’m doing today
  • How I slept last night
  • How far I walked
  • How many steps I’ve taken
  • How many active minutes I have
  • How many stairs I climbed
  • If I’ve exercised today
  • How many calories I have left
  • How much water I’ve had
  • What my resting heart rate is
  • How much I weigh
  • About my battery

All of these commands will give you the most up to date information from the Fitbit app. However, you can also receive information from day’s past. For example, you can say: “Alexa, ask Fitbit how many stairs I climbed on Monday.”

How to switch Fitbit profiles

If you’re an active household, chances are there’s more than one Fitbit wearer. Thankfully, Amazon enables you to set up Household Profiles. This enables Amazon Echo users to access personalised music playlists, calendar information, the daily Flash Briefing and, yes, Fitbit information.

To set up additional accounts, head to, log in and select Settings > Account > Amazon Household. Once you’ve registered another profile, it’s easy to switch between them. You can use the voice command “Alexa, switch profiles” or “Alexa, which profile am I using?” The Alexa Voice Match feature does not play nice with third-party Alexa skills like Fitbit, so you’ll need to switch profiles manually.

How to remove the Fitbit Alexa skill

How to use your Fitbit with Amazon Echo speakers and Alexa

If you’re not using the Fitbit Alexa skill, or you become concerned about data sharing, then it’s easy to remove the Alexa’s access to your Fitbit data by disabling the skill. Simply head to Skills & Games in the Alexa app and locate Fitbit. From there, you can locate the Skill and select Disable Skill.

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