5 boss new apps to check out this week


Here we are again, presenting you our selection of the best new apps. They were chosen by members of our editorial staff but also by our community, which we would like to take this opportunity to thank. Let’s not wait any longer, here are our 5 apps of the week.


This app is not a revolution in social networking but it allows you to transform a tweet into an image that you can customize with a solid background or color. All you have to do is type in a user’s name, go to the tweet and make the changes you want. It is very easy to use. Finally, you can share your tweet/image on social networks, email it or share it via an instant messaging application. Perfect for posting tweets on Instagram!

Niche, but quite useful. / © AndroidPIT

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Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

If you are looking for a new RPG game, you’ve come to the right place. You may have already heard of the game franchise, which started in 2011 and that features creatures called Skylanders – monsters of all forms with special powers. You will find the classic RPG genre tropes (the use of mana, fights, strategy etc.) in an entertaining game with very appealing graphics.

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Cam Calculator – Smart Math Solver

First of all, please note that this app has not been officially released yet, so it may contain some bugs. That being said, we have a calculator (but you guessed it) that also has other features. You can, of course, use many parameters, including trigonometry, pi, and others, but you can also use it to help you with equations (with or without a photo). The app can even calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). You just have to enter your height and weight (the application even gives you a little comment in case you can’t interpret the result).

androidpit calculator
A little more than a classic calculator. / © AndroidPIT

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Dune Warrior

As the name suggests, this is the story of a warrior in the desert. As you advance, you must avoid obstacles in your path, but at times you will not be able to avoid enemies. The fights are quite simple, however. You just have to choose which card to play (block, normal attack, explout a weakness…etc.) but you have to employ some strategy and play intelligently if you don’t want to lose the fight. It’s an interesting game. Its only flaw is that it is a little short.

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Giraffe Unicycle

When you see this app with its cute cartoony graphics and its main character (a giraffe, of course), you might think that this is a game aimed at children. However, the game can entertain both young and old (the giraffe’s head itself will make you smile). The concept is simple. Your giraffe is standing on a wheel and must not lose its balance. You need to tap on the sides to prevent it from falling. But you also have to be careful with the trees on the sides – it is better to avoid moving too much. The game is fun and has an addictive side (yes, you get frustrated when the giraffe falls!).

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Have you tested any of these apps? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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